Malawi Volunteer Testimonials

  • Volunteers News From Jade Perry in Malawi

    Volunteers news is plentiful from Malawi. We receive our volunteers news almost daily as there is so much going on there and so much to be done. Jade has spent a few months out in Malawi volunteering for Love Support Unite Africa Foundation and Tilinanu, the girls orphanage. She has been the driving...
  • Tales from Tilinanu by Blaize Dymond

    I am writing this update whilst sat with new friends and fellow volunteers who are sorting letters written by the girls of Tilinanu. Letters for you – the Lovers, Supporters and Uniters! I am almost at the end of my time at Tilinanu and there hasn’t been a dull moment yet. The girls have...
  • Drama Teachers from Thomas Estley School

    The aim of our trip was to teach Dance, Drama and Music to children from Tillanu Orphanage, local foster homes and children from Mkunku school.  Our stimuli was Matilda by Roald Dahl. Our choice of topic was very apt because like Matilda, the children in our care were eager to learn and loved to...
  • Katy Blackledge

    When I decided to go to Malawi, I didn’t know what to expect or what I was going to achieve when I got there, all I knew was that I wanted to volunteer in Malawi and that LSU sounded like the perfect organisation to do so with. As a primary school teacher, I decided to […]
  • Emma Murphy

    I’m an ice skating teacher which is something I can’t bring to Malawi and don’t really want to, but I started photography as a part time course 4 years ago and it has been my hobby and lease to express myself since then. This is what I wanted to share and teach with others. September 2014...
  • Alice Gilbert

    Going to Malawi to see the Tilinanu orphanage in Lilongwe has been on the top of both mine and Lilly’s list for a long time. Alice Pulford along with Nina Pulford and Lizzie Davies are an inspiration to us all, with the help of good willed locals and eager volunteers they have established an organisation...
  • Martin Brown

    My experience at Tilinanu was truly unforgettable. I’ve never experienced such genuine happiness as I did while teaching the girls in the orphanage music. Their endless kindness and energy was infectious. I’ve honestly never laughed as hard and often as I did throughout my time in Lilon
  • Adam Moralee

    I made a promise to myself in June that I would return to Malawi to work with the Love Support Unite Foundation once again. I searched for fundraising ideas, I had never fundraised before as my first trip in April was completely self funded. When you have a vision and an end goal fuelled with a love...
  • The Duckett Family

    In October 2014 the Duckett family visited Malawi to help the Love Support Unite Foundation with some of their outreach projects and give their 3 children an insight into how African children live.
  • Sophie Riley

    I can first remember hearing about Tilinanu when I was about 12 years old. It wasn’t until later on that I became aware LSU existed. I have always wanted to be involved in volunteering abroad and so when I began looking at where to go, I was naturally drawn to somewhere that I felt a personal connection...
  • Why Fundraising Works!!

    I had always wanted to volunteer but never came across an organisation I believed worked in a truly sustainable way that continued to make long and lasting changes after the volunteers go home.
  • Luke Slater

    While performing at Unknown Festival I found a pair of Love Specs on the floor. I instinctively started putting them on everyone I met and didn’t take them off for the rest of the festival. I had fallen in love with these magical glasses. I returned to the UK without a pair, so started frantically...
  • Alice Healy

    I’d always known that I wanted to travel and see the world, and hopefully volunteer somewhere so I could help people in the process. I guess it’s because I’ve never been one to stay in my comfort zone and do what everyone else does! But it was always just a wish and a background thought.
  • Katrina Ralphs

    From stepping off the plane, being hit by the Malawian heat. Seeing the children waiting in the airport with a sign for me, to the exuberant colours of an African sites indulges the senses. The rusty brown earth. The breath-taking sunset. Never have I been so welcomed.
  • Katherine Sherry

    The aim of my Malawian adventure was to design and create a range of scrunchies in association with scrunchie brand ‘My Crazy Scrunchie’. I met with an ethical workshop who took our fabric (sourced from the markets of Lilongwe) and made it into the most amazing collection of limited run designs.
  • Lizzie Davies

    I stepped off the plane in Lilongwe with little idea of what the future held. But from the very first day I knew this was going to be a very different kind of voluntary programme. Alice and Nina have created a programme that ensures only collaborative and markedly beneficial support is provided.
  • Sam Harvey

    Working with the awe-inspiring sibling duo of Alice and Nina Pulford (founders of the LSU foundation and Tilinanu Orphanage) has allowed me access to some of the most rural sections of Malawi on the out-skirts of Lilongwe. These wonderful pockets of basic civilisation are refreshingly tranquil but continue...
  • Luca Bogen

    To anyone who wishes to volunteer or fundraise for a foundation that are truly committed to their goals, I would recommend Love, Support and Unite as I have never in my many experiences of volunteering been involved with a company that are so honest and full of love and passion for what they do.
  • Michela Bogen

    Micaela Bogen, 21, is from Cambridge, England. Currently studying Visual Communications at Leeds College of Art, Micaela travels the world within her degree, volunteering in various places. Having started up her own organisation The Pipe Dream Experience once returning from her trip in October 2013 for...
  • Laura Birtwhistle

    Although my time at the orphanage was short lived, the experience was truly amazing, and something that I think about everyday. I was able to meet the most amazing young girls and laugh and play with them. I was able to make the most amazing friends, as well as spending time with two of the […]
  • William Bentley

    I found the company great, clever, simple and direct. you feel like you're actually doing something, instead of forking out thousands of pounds to be looked after, I am raising my own money, and helped to decide what project would best suit my funding.
  • Hollie Stone

    Cant wait to return to Tilinanu Orphanage again this year to teach dance!
  • Cat Oliver

    It was the most amazing, beautiful and humbling experience of my life! had such such such a good time and will be back this year to do it again. was treated so nice by everyone involved and learnt so much from my trip. such a good company.
  • Evie

    Having always wanted to volunteer abroad- particularly with children, when the opportunity arose to volunteer with Love Support Unite, I was more than keen to take part. I was willing to share my knowledge, face new challenges and broaden my experiences.
  • Katie Gerity

    You get a free reign on what you wish to spend the money that you raised on, therefore you can really personalize your project. For example I went to Tilinanu with the idea that i wanted to do something with disabled children, and Alice was able to provide me with many opportunities to reach that goal
  • Lucinda Marsden

    Visiting the angels of Tilinanu was the most humbling awaking educational experience. By being welcomed into their world they will inspire and challenge you whilst warming your heart with their infectious smiles.
  • Ruth Stevenson Legget

    Being with the girls of Tilinanu and the surrounding community, most of whom have little in terms of material possessions but have so much to give in warmth, smiles and happiness was a really humbling experience… It was a pleasure to spend time with them, and I can’t wait to visit again.
  • Ross McDonald

    It was an honour and a pleasure to be associated with Tilinanu and all that comes with it. Contributing to the life of people who both deserve and appreciate it! As usual, it was the people that turned it into a lifelong memory xx
  • Bertie Gibbs

    One of the best things for me about Malawi there were the girls themselves. Teaching them guitar, playing games, and eating nsima with them were some of my happiest moments while in Malawi. Every single one of them was bursting with character and attitude that made me so happy every day, and also makes...
  • Kathryn Bailey

    Volunteering with LSU was an absolutely amazing experience. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with a number of charity projects in the past few years and this one was by far the most rewarding, fun and appreciative charity to work with. I’m looking forward to working with them in the...