Britain’s Best Volunteer

Alice was announced as the winner of Britain's Best Volunteer 2015 in a close result which saw the public cast a total of 3,000 votes for the five finalists.

David Cameron’s Points Of Light Award

Nina and Alice Pulford jointly won this award for their volunteer work in Malawi.

Margarette Golding Inner Wheel Award

Alice acheived this award at the age of 26.The successful Margarette Golding Award recipients have generally been involved with a variety of charities or organisations for a very long time, often involving a great deal of commitment on a very regular basis. This work must be completely unconnected with Inner Wheel membership, Inner Wheel or Rotary fundraising activities. Alternatively or in addition they must have made great personal sacrifices for the benefit of others.

The awards are given to Inner Wheel members as well as members of the general public.

The criteria for success are set high so that the award remains a truly significant marker of an individual’s commitment to others.