Our Vision



Love Support Unite Volunteer Africa Foundation (LSU) is as grass roots as it gets. Created by two sisters, Alice and Nina Pulford, we establish small-scale projects which can be sustained and replicated throughout Malawi to trigger sustainable change on a large-scale.

Our volunteers and donors contribute directly to genuine, long lasting development projects, working alongside Malawian communities to create real opportunities and active change.

Through volunteering, we have provided much-needed healthcare, education and skills workshops to hundreds of Malawian people and help our volunteers gain an understanding of some of the biggest issues facing the developing world today.


Love Support Unite began in 2009, when Alice and Nina first established Tilinanu Orphanage. Situated in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, Tilinanu houses, educates and supports up to 34 girls at any one given time.

A charity in its own right, Tilinanu is one of a kind. It is 100% non-profit, a true labour of love and the heart of everything we do.

Love Support Unite naturally grew out of the work Alice and Nina began with the formation of Tilinanu. Recognising the wider opportunities to make a real difference in Malawi, LSU was born. From these humble beginnings, we have completed our first self-sustainable school, are supporting local businesses through our micro-loans programme and have a successful sustainable feeding programme, feeding 450 learners with crops grown at the school.


To support and sustain all of our amazing projects, we created LOVESPECS. These popular diffraction sun glasses are sold at festivals across Europe. Lovespecs have won us support from artists such as Rudimental.

The true beauty of Lovespecs lies in their universal message. They allow us a glimpse into the world we wish to see: one filled with love.