Amazing Success on Sustainable Farming and Community Projects in Malawi

We’re excited to share the amazing success on sustainable farming and community projects in Malawi

medical outreach in Malawi

Your donations help with medical outreach saving lives

The Malawi project management team give us all feedback every month about how the sustainable farming and community projects are growing.  We know that you, our contributors, donors, volunteers and staff all have a strong interest in our work in Malawi.
The reports we receive each month outline what concerns they have to overcome, what new opportunities are opening up and which of our wonderful staff and volunteers have grown and contributed.  We train on sustainable farming and implement community projects that are sustainable in that environment.
If you have signed up to receive our regular newsletter, you may have read about some of the amazing success stories.  Here’s a quick round up of what Love Support Unite Africa Foundation has achieved in the past quarter!  If you like what you read, please use the side buttons to share as much as possible.
  • vocational training in MalawiMedical outreach is now extended to 10 areas. We are still in need of more drugs for this programme.
  • Adult Literacy classes are now teaching English as well as the local Chichewa and our teachers have recently had further training.
  • Mother and Infant Health: We now have 6 groups. Some of them have been assessed to join the sustainable farming initiative as well.
  • Sustainable Farms: Each of the families we set up a yea ago are now self sustainable and has food security and can pay school fees with the excess from their crops. It has been a huge success!
    We are now choosing more families for this years seed distribution and set up. The knock on effect is that most families are now employing extra labour which is giving more jobs to the community. More than we hoped for! The selling of the excess food means families are putting food on the market for others too. Most of the families are attending adult literacy classes too. Our aim is to have 120 families on this programme.
  • Tilinanu: We now have a stunning netball court courtesy of one of our amazing volunteers, Jade. We also have a new helper to manage homework club. The girls have been invited to sing at Lake of Stars Festival and Gospel star Faith Musa has been training them and offered to appear at their performance too.
  • feeding programme in MalawiTeach to teach: We are still supporting Mkunkhu volunteer teachers. They are still teaching in the mornings even though they are in a harsh study programme.
  • Library: The library is completed! We intend to have a grand opening!
  • Tilinanu farm: The farm will provide enough food to feed the girls in the orphanage maize, soya and ground nuts all year! It will also provide surplus of 44000 kgs Maize and 29 000 soya!
  • Mkunkhu Farm: The school feeding programme is well sustained thi syear with cooks and teachers all eating with the children. Mkunkhu fostr care home needs more support though.
  • Ambulance is back on the road
Add to that:

We immunised 1023 under 5’s
Offered Antenatal services to 76
HIV counselling and tests to 158
Malaria testing for 623


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