How I Trained for Brighton Marathon in 10 Weeks!

Katherine Sherry of the incredible East Cycle Studios ran Brighton Marathon for Love Support Unite Foundation in 2014. Here she explains how she managed to successfully train for the race in just 10 weeks!

I decided to run the Brighton Marathon at the very last minute in 2014. A last-minute training injury had knocked someone out of the race, so I stepped in and had to get running, fast! I had just 10 weeks to get marathon ready! If I’m honest, the main thing that got me through was the massive team energy surrounding the race and Love Support Unite Foundation.

My training wasn’t anything special – I ran 3-5 times a week and found it really manageable even with a full time job. Doing a long run before lunch on a Saturday felt majorly rewarding and always set me up for a great weekend! I know people say nutrition is key when training for a marathon, but I was just happy to be able to eat more that usual to make up for the extra energy I was burning! Guilt-free pudding tastes so good!

The day itself was something very special. The amount of excitement from the runners and the support from the spectators was mind blowing. I really would encourage anyone thinking about running a marathon to do it with Love Support Unite Foundation. And it’s great fun… Promise!

Katherine’s blog reminds us that you do not need to be a pro-athlete or to train for years to complete a marathon! Whether you feel able to walk, jog or run please consider signing up for this incredible personal challenge. 

We desperately need more runners for Brighton Marathon 2016! Our fundraising target is much lower than many other charities – just £500.

100% of the funds you raise will go to the our Sustainable Education Programme, completing a sustaining-school that will protect an entire community from famine and provide nourishing education to thousands of children.

Positions close at the end of February. Please email to express your interest today! 



Brighton Marathon Places Available

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