Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy Classes Enables Work for Malawians

Adult literacy is low as School life expectancy in Malawi is only 11yrs old.

On average 29% of children aged 5-14 are sent to work in the fields. Would you want this for your child?

Many young girls leave education early in Malawi due to long, dangerous journeys to school, the onset of womanhood and the expectation of families for the children help find work to feed the family. Young boys are often required at home to farm and take up the reins of head of the household.  Educational facilities and funding for education is scarce.  It's no wonder that the majority of the adult population hasn’t received a basic education.

Malawians understand that education can help them find work and enable a better future. Communities we have spoken to in Malawi have requested more literacy and computing classes.  Initially our beneficiaries are introduced to the self sustainability potential of 0% micro-loans. Our business and adult education expert discusses how this project can help them become more educated about self sustainability. Attendance grew quickly with only seven attendees at the outset 300 in 2017.  We now introduce this programme of adult education in 3 different locations. 

Our teachers are trained to become government-accredited and able to see students through a full one-year course to graduation with a qualification. Love Support Unite offer beginner and basic levels of reading and writing.  We supply the equipment like paper and pens so that all those willing to learn are able to,regardless of income.