Adult Literacy

School life expectancy in Malawi is only 11yrs old, with 29% of children aged 5-14 sent to work in the fields, and girls dropping out due to periods, and long, dangerous journeys to school. Therefore the majority of the adult population hasn’t received a basic education.

When asked what more the community would like from LSU, they requested more literacy and computing classes, following their introduction for beneficiaries of 0% micro-loans, delivered by business and adult education expert, Wiseman. Attendance grew quickly from 7 at the outset, to 120 in 2016, and 300 in 2017, following expansion from 1 to 3 locations.

Wiseman is now government-accredited and able to see students through a full one-year course to graduation with a qualification. Offering beginner and basic levels of reading and writing, along with paper and pens provided, so that all those willing to learn are able to, regardless of income.