Community Recording Studio Business

The Joe Strummer Foundation built the Tilinanu music centre in 2011, 4 years on we are exited to announce that we have a recording studio! As well as their help and support through the years, the Joe Strummer Foundation has helped us gather instruments for the centre, sell Love Specs at Glastonbury, play at Lake of Stars and now with the help of Mike Warren, offered Music Studio equipment.

We have recorded the girls singing from the orphanage on an EP and now opened a studio where local artists can record and produce, and those that can not afford it are given the opportunity to record for free.

We wanted to use the equipment to its fullest potential, help the unheard get their music out there and be self sustainable! Up stepped LSU volunteer, Luke, and local musician and television presenter, Kelvin, to help us turn the studio equipment into a business that will create jobs and opportunity in the Lilongwe community, whilst giving people a voice.

The studio is rented to musicians needing production services with the profits being used to provide the same services free of charge to musicians who cannot afford them. A self sustainable community project.

Volunteer Luke Slater had been using the studio equipment to help the Tilinanu girls record an EP of the songs they wrote for the Lake of Stars festival, and seemed like a natural choice to help us with this project. Luke’s first step was to find someone to run the studio for us in Lilongwe. Luke met local musician and TV presenter Kelvin, known as KBG whilst at Lake of Stars, performing with the girls.

KBG already had ties to the music scene in Lilongwe producing music tracks for his band NyaLiMuzik and a presenting a TV show aimed at educating, inspiring and giving Malawi’s youth a voice. We felt that this made him the perfect choice to run the studio, and we weren’t disappointed.

The studio is now set up in Lilongwe, and opened in October 2014. Within 24 hours the studio was hosting it’s first paying customers, a credit to the hard work put in by Luke and Kelvin to build and promote it.

Do you want to get involved with Music Production or Television? Have you considered gaining valuable experience in Malawi? We are looking for volunteers with Music or Media skills to help with this and similar projects……

…Or perhaps you just want to donate to ensure we can continue to give the youth a voice in Malawi?

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