When you donate to Love Support Unite, we aim to ensure your donation goes to the project you have chosen to support.

Thank you for considering making a donation to one of our projects in Malawi. We fundraise through events and the sales of Love Specs at festivals but we still need your donations to reach our targets for the projects we manage.

Donate through our Love Plan, paying £10 per month, and you will receive a new pair of Love Specs every year.

All donors will receive news via our blog on our website and major donors will be invited to events as well as receiving updates on their supported project. If you ever want to have more information on the project/s you support just email

Would you like to talk to us about making a donation?

All donations are an unexpected gift and we know that sometimes, people want to donate more than is shown here.  If you'd like to make a larger donation than any of those mentioned above, please email our office on to talk to one of the team about what you will be donating towards. We'll be happy to call you back and give you more information.