Drama Teachers from Thomas Estley School

The aim of our trip was to teach Dance, Drama and Music to children from Tillanu Orphanage, local foster homes and children from Mkunku school.  Our stimuli was Matilda by Roald Dahl.

Our choice of topic was very apt because like Matilda, the children in our care were eager to learn and loved to read.  The children made every day a pleasure.  They were willing to step outside their comfort zone and face each new challenge with a smile on their face.

It was a fabulous to see the young people have fun, gain confidence, be creative and take on Leadership roles.

In addition, we were able to spend some time working alongside volunteer teachers. They were really enthusiastic, joined in all activities and keen to try out more active ways of learning.

All of the children were brought together on our final day for a joint rehearsal and performance.  The children were really resourceful, getting to know each other quickly, working to a very tight deadline and performing in front of an audience.

We were inspired by the motivation and warm hearts of these young people and feel privileged to work with them.

The Children Practicing Matilda

The children rehearsing their production of Matilda

The teachers from left; Emilia Plumb, Chris Freeman, Becky Read

The teachers from left; Emilia Plumb, Chris Freeman, Becky Read

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