Eastern Electrics Pays Teachers


Eastern Electrics Festival 2015 has raised enough funds to pay the wages of 3 teachers at Mkunkhu School, for an entire year, thanks to the support shown to Love Specs by both the festival and it’s attendees.

At Mkunkhu School, there are currently 600 children in daily attendance. To teach these children there are 10 teachers but the government can only pay one of them, the Headteacher. Of the 10 teachers, only 3 are qualified, the other teachers volunteer their time to pass on what they can to an ever swelling young population.

The population in Malawi is very different to that of the UK; in the UK, under 15’s make up less than 20% of the population, in Malawi, under 15’s make up over 50% of the population. This means that for every two people in Malawi, one of them is a child of school age. Although the percentage hasn’t changed significantly for over 50 years, the population has grown by 800% in that time; this is a lot more schools needed, and a lot more teachers!

Mkunkhu School is one of the many new schools popping up across Malawi, it grew from the local community’s need to educate their children and had almost no involvement from the government for it’s inception. Education, no matter how rudimentary, is how the greatest change can be affected. The teachers who were volunteering their time are now being supported by Love Support Unite, with the funds raised by Love Specs.

Thank you, Eastern Electrics!

IMG_7624 (1)

The Wonderful Teachers of Mkunkhu School



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