Family Futures Fund

Help us ensure some of the worlds poorest families are fed this Christmas


At Love Support Unite we believe in helping people to help themselves. It is our belief that this model will help people to improve their own communities and become self sufficient.

Regardless there is still a huge problem in Malawi with many families struggling to feed themselves regularly and having to make difficult choices such as sacrificing the education of their children so they can work from a young age to help provide for the family.

Our Family Futures fund gives small loans of around £500 to families for investment in seeds and farming equipment, this allows them to not only feed themselves but hopefully gain some surplus food to trade or sell in order to fund next years crop. Ultimately they are able to pay back the loan and have food security for the whole family.

What happens when you can't feed your family

You become dependant and vulnerable

Your children have to drop out of school to work and to bring in an income. As a girl this can mean that you marry at a young age as you are not attending school.

You become susceptible to disease due to poor nutrition. As a child your growth may be stunted and your eyesight affected.

You become hungry, weak and unable to function. If you are a child at school this affects your ability to learn.

You are at risk of death from malnutrition.

The Reality of Famine

In some cases women walk up to 10K to a maize mill just to collect the waste maize from the floor to try and feed their families.

Most children eat only one bowl of porridge every other day during famine and that's if food is available, this makes learning at school very difficult.

Many families own land to farm but have no money to invest in seeds, manure and tools and have limited knowledge on how to farm for a good harvest.

Can you donate £43 a month?

That will increase our Family Futures Fund meaning we can provide these loans to more families.

The best part is that because the families pay back the loans your donation is then recycled to help other families and will continue to help far into the future.

Meet Christina Matapila

She is a widow with three of her own children and two granddaughters who are orphans. She lives in poverty as she has no one to support her and the children she is looking after.

As a widow she has been failing to support the family and has no money to purchase farming supplies. Every year her home has been affected by food shortages and lack of basic necessities. She will now be able to support her family and children with with food and even purchase learning materials thanks to our Family Futures Fund.

"The days of spending days without food are now over forever, a big thank you to LSU for making this happen and for changing my family's life, I am now a happy person" 

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