Gottwood Gives Teachers a Home


Thanks to the amazing support shown to Love Specs, at Gottwood Festival 2015, Love Support Unite have been able to build a house for 3 teachers at Mkunkhu School, near Lilongwe, in Malawi.

Before the teacher’s houses were built at Mkunkhu, some of the teachers were walking up to 20km per day to get to and from work, and their houses were grass roofed and would leak in the rain. After walking the 10km to work, each class is filled with about 100 children… Sound like a good day to you? Doesn’t seem like much teaching or learning can take place, does it?

Well, not only do the teachers of Mkunkhu not have to walk extreme daily distances, but they now have a solid roof over their heads, and thanks to our friends Firefly Clean Energy, who have installed a marvellous solar panel array, each house has electric lights and 240v sockets!

Now that we have well rested teachers who don’t need to walk for 4 hours a day, we can start to hold lessons later in the day for older children and adult learners, so it’s not only the teachers and children benefiting from these new homes, but the entire community as well!

So, Thank You, Gottwood, and Thank You Everyone who Supported Love Specs!

Malawi_Day4_06_10_15_0363Teachers and children of Mkunkhu School outside one of the teacher’s houses.



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