Harvest in Malawi will Feed the Children of Tilinanu for a Year!

A harvest in Malawi that ensures food for some this year.

Today I received photographs from our team in Malawi showing the results of the harvest.

Maize harvest in MalawiTo many of us living in a first world country it’s difficult to understand that this harvest of maize and ground nuts will provide the Tilinanu Orphanage with food for a whole year.

These photographs arrived just about the same time as my grocery order from Sainsbury’s this afternoon and the stark contrast of my triple wrapped ‘fresh’ food to these photos of sustainable freshly harvested crops in Africa really hit me.

My ‘maize’ is called corn and comes neatly packed in twos on a plastic tray covereBagging up the harvest in Malawid with more plastic and a big sticky paper label on it giving me the name, nutritional values, weight and price. In the fridge it may last 3 – 5 days before getting that ‘fuzzyness’ that tells me I shouldn’t eat it.

In the world of these photographs, this maize has been grown in ground worked by the same planters and cultivators who picked it all too. There is no neatly packed harvest of pine nuts in malawidelivery to their homes. It will not be thrown away even if it develops ‘fuzzyness’.

Food is precious in homes where there was none. In our home we’ve always had more than enough food. As a mother and wife I know we have grown more careless with food. We often throw left overs away. Children will refuse a bruised fruit. We over indulge too.

We don’t see the full cycle of cultivation or the hard physical work that goes into producing a harvest of this size because we are so used to getting our food from a supermarket. I can’t imagine the relief these people experience when they see a successful harvest that will feed them for months to come. I can’t imagine how must feel not to have more food choice when you are just so grateful to have any food.

harvest in malawiI’ve never had to worry that my children couldn’t eat before school. They’ve never been without school lunches packed or supplied. I’ve only grown vegetables because I enjoy gardening and sharing the bounty. I always have something in the fridge to make a meal from. I have never known what it really feels like to go hungry.

Working with Love Support Unite brings the reality of poverty in the world back to mind and for that I am grateful as it reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for.



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