Malawi has some of the lowest access to healthcare in the world with only 2 physicians per 100,000 people. Over half of Malawians live more than 5kms away from a medical center and many can’t afford treatment. The country has 9th highest prevalence of HIV/AIDs in the world, which with malaria and other diseases, makes child and adult mortality rates among the highest in Africa; 1 in 6 children is an orphan. (WHO)

Medical Programme

The ambulance provides free medical care to people in 10 rural areas, serving 45,921 patients to date. Working with the Ministry of Health to deliver malaria and HIV testing and treatment, vaccinations, antenatal care, under 5’s care, family planning, and sexual health. We offer dental outreach programs which have served 2364 children in 1 week and aim to add this to the monthly outreach in 2021.  In addition, we respond to emergency appeals, in 2020 providing COVID prevention posters, masks and additional PPE to communities and health officials.

  • 45,921 patients helped including 23,260 malaria tests and life saving treatments