I Will for Love 2018

What would you do for love? What would you do to support your family? To give them food, shelter, health and education? To make sure they had hope, opportunity and choices for the future?

What would you do to give families in poverty in Malawi access to basic food, healthcare and education? To give them a chance to escape the inter-generational cycle of poverty? To help empower communities and families that are surviving on less than £1 a day.


In 2018, Love Support Unite is committed to empowering 35 families in extreme poverty to become self-sufficient so they can feed and educate their children.

Most of the communities that we work to empower in Malawi live have the daily challenge of trying to feed, educate, house and provide healthcare for their families on less than £1 a day.

The problem when there is a lack of income, food & education

In rural Malawi, families are often large in size (often exceeding 7 in number) and contain elderly dependents, children and orphans from the community. The families struggle to feed everyone on the small amount of income they can earn so as a result children can often go without food, have to work instead of going to school and are vulnerable to illness due to their weak health and malnutrition.

Lack of nutrition-More than 50% of children under 5 are stunted in Malawi limiting their physical, mental and social potential. 

Lack of education-Children in families experiencing extreme poverty are unlikely to be able to go to school and so the family remains locked in a cycle with no hope of breaking the pattern of poverty. Families suffer during the famine and rainy seasons when food is scarce and living conditions become hard.

Meet Eunice

She is a mother of five children and because her husband is blind through illness, she must work, care and provide for all her family. During the famine, it will be incredibly hard to feed her family. She is so proud of her family and her home and wants to learn how to change things for the future of her children. When asked, "What would be the most transformational thing to help give her family hope for the future?", she said food security for the year, especially during times of famine and to have the ability to have enough food for her family to eat once a day. Currently her 5 children cannot go to school as she has no money for their uniforms and they must either work to create extra income for the family or look after the younger children. The family is trapped in a poverty cycle where nutrition, education and health are all compromised and they are vulnerable throughout the year to starvation and illness.

In 2018, Love Support Unite has pledged to help 35 families in extreme poverty create a new life through the Family Futures Fund using five sustainable steps;

1. Families receive an interest free loan to buy fertiliser, seeds and other farming inputs. 

2. They receive training on permaculture from our permaculture manager, Oliver. 

3. Families then plant their own land with maize and harvest it to provide enough food for the year plus the excess is sold at market to create an income for the farming inputs for next year and to cover the cost of school fees for their children. 

4. They are given business training to make sure they store, account for, and sell the maize at the best price to give the family the greatest return on their harvest.

5. The money that families receive is a loan which is paid back over two years so it can go on to help other families joining the fund. 

Meet Christina Matapila.

She is a widow with three of her own children and two granddaughters who are orphans. She lives in poverty as she has no one to support her and the children she is looking after. As a widow, she has been failing to support the family and has no money to purchase farming input.

Every year her home has been affected by food shortages, lack of basic needs and necessities. Due to support from Love Support Unite she will now be able support her family and support the children with learning materials.

“The days of spending days without food are now over forever, a big thank you to LSU for making this happen and for changing my family’s life, I am now a happy person”.


You can make a love pledge to raise money for the Family Futures Fund in 2018

To support the fund costs £43 a month or a £500 donation to support one family this year (and subsequent families). You can pledge to support one family, ask your friends or ask your work mates to fundraise for one family together. Take the love pledge and do something for love.

I will run or walk for love

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Take a look at what some of our supporters are doing for love. Whether it’s fundraising in the UK, selling Love Specs or coming over to Malawi, you are part of the Love Support Unite community. We are one big family committed to transformation.