Lovebox and the Agricultural Revolution!


With the outstanding support of Love Specs, at Lovebox Festival 2015, all of the funds raised have employed Jamie Foxx lookalike, Oliver, our very own permaculture expert, for an entire year!

Oliver Sibale, from Area 49, Lilongwe, is a natural systems thinker, versed in thinking about the systems of nature, he knows the climate, the vegetation, the soil, and the people of Malawi like the best of them. Oliver, his wife, and young daughter have moved from Lilongwe city out to the wide open fields, using his knowledge of better farming methods to teach the teachers, children, and the communities surrounding Mkunkhu School.

Permaculture is a design based farming method which focuses on using patterns found in natural ecosystems. Rather than getting what you want from nature by force, permaculture is understanding what nature already does so that you can piggy-back it to a position which benefits you as a part of the ecosystem – instead of being apart from it.

Oliver will be paid on a full-time basis, by Love Support Unite Foundation, for an entire year, all thanks to the support shown to Love Specs at Lovebox Festival 2015.

Permaculture principles have been around since the 1970’s, and whilst large scale examples are few and far between, for smallholders it is an ideal method to follow. Smallholder farms in sub-Saharan Africa number around 33 million, which represents 80% of all farms in the region, and they contribute up to 90% of food production in many sub-Saharan African countries, including Malawi. If all of these farmers were to be trained in permaculture design, famine in Africa would be a thing of the past within 5 years.

Its a small step towards the 33 million farms which could embrace the new agricultural revolution, but every revolution starts with a few small examples.

Thank you, Lovebox!


The Chairman of Mkunkhu School Committee with Love Support Unite team. Oliver is second from the right.

Sales of Love Specs, at Lovebox Festival 2014, enabled us to put a new roof on Louise’s house – find out more here.



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