Malaria Testing – The Secret Garden Party


Malaria kills over 3000 children in Malawi every day! Malaria is most common in rural villages miles from any hospital due to lack of mosquito nets. Love Support Unite Volunteers regularly visit Mkunkhu School to work on our outreach medical programme which in 2014 carried out over 600 malaria tests and offered treatment to those desperately in need.

People do not have small amount of money that it costs to travel to the local doctor, pay for a test, and buy treatment, once malaria takes hold, the body gets weaker within hours, making this journey nearly impossible resulting in learning disabilities,coma or death.

The Secret Garden Party helped us to save lives

This year Love support Unite volunteers Miceala, Solaise, Jaxon, Ella, Safa and Lizzie performed malaria tests on adults and children. The help of The Secret Garden Party and their support of LOVE SPECS directly funded 200 of these tests and helped provide treatment to all those who tested positive; over 57%! Our volunteer super heroes were able to do this using the skills taught to them by the local doctor and nurse.

They were also able to check the general health of the children, recording their height, age and weight for our records, as well as noting other physical issues, so that we can continue to develop a localised checklist of medication to take with us on our healthcare trips.



Volunteers Solaise and Michela providing medical care for children at Mkunkhu School



Volunteer Katelyn administering malaria tests at Mkunkhu School

Lives have been saved because of your support, on behalf of the Mkunkhu school community we thank you.



Check our our album for more photos of the testing programme.

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