#MalawiMonday On The Blog

Hello #LovePixies

We hope everything is well with you and you all had a fantastic weekend. We wanted to share something with you awesome people, direct from Love Support Unite HQ.

With our new and exciting website- that we hope you like- we have this great way to communicate with you guys, share our stories, updates and news . . . through the medium of BLOGS!
That’s why we thought we would take #MalawiMonday to the blog. This way we can let you know what’s going on in Malawi in much more detail and help you get a much better idea of just how valuable your support is.
This week we will be blogging like crazy as we want to tell you more about what we got up too on our recent trip. The volunteers had such an incredible time and we had the pleasure of enjoying it with them. We saw some amazing sights, met the in county team in Malawi and had the blessed opportunity to experience true Malawian life and culture in all its glory.

So basically, what are we saying through this ramble. . . Stay tuned, watch this space and look forward to taking a more personal journey with your friends at Love Support Unite and Love Specs.


PS. If you loved the white specs in the image then head to the Love Specs website. Tab is on the top bar in the middle!

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