Mias Story – Secret Garden Party


Widow Mia Fallow is 80 years old, born unable to walk and going blind she is cared for almost entirely by her 14 year old daughter Ester.

Thanks to the help of The Secret Garden Party, Labyrinth, and Kubicle, and everyone who bought Love Specs at the festival, Love Support Unite volunteers were able to help raise the quality of life for both Mia and Esther.

With little chance of surviving the coming rains with barely and straw on the roof,  they now have a tin roof and mosquito nets to protect them from the coming rainy season. With no form of reliable income Ester had dropped out of school, with your help we were able to pay Esters school fees so that she can complete her education and have a better chance at earning a living for the family.

For every elderly person we help with immediate assistance, we help set up a local woman with a small business, the profits of which go towards providing for the family in the long term. This is carried out through our micro loans project, and can be a business ranging from trading fish, to selling hardware; occasionally the villagers produce crafts – check out their dream catchers here.

Our aim is for every programme to continue to grow in the hands of the people that they help. If you have have ever thought of volunteering or have ideas to share please get in touch.












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