Our Alice wins Britain’s Best Volunteer 2015

Alice was announced as the winner of Britain’s Best Volunteer 2015 in a close result which saw the public cast a total of 3,000 votes for the five finalists. With Alice currently volunteering in Malawi, Andy Partington and John Barrett presented LoveSupportUnite volunteers Sophie Riley, Ibzie Duckett, Scarlett Duckett and Alex Duckett with a cheque for £1,250 for the charity at Alice’s former school, Ratcliffe College in Leicestershire.

We are all extremely proud to be a part of this and it has galvanised us to work even harder in supporting these communities in Lilongwe, Malawi.

You can read the full story here

Some messages from our supporters are below:

Dearest Alice

Very very Many Heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS for WINNING the VOLUNTEER of THE YEAR AWARD! A fantastic and well deserved accolade for your EXTRAORDINARY achievements in Malawi. Your story is an inspiration and you have not only changed the face of the earth with your love, dedication, energy and spirit of belief in doing the impossible but also shown such strength bravery and determination in the face of real human need and crisis.

Very wonderful, so proud and for Alice, Nina and Pulfords family. This is a wonderful achievement, keep doing the amazing work changing lives of brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grand fathers, orphans, and countless other disadvantaged people in communities around Lilongwe.

We are always proud to have you guys as Tilinanu family. Aunt Mercy will be so proud of you where she is and we will always support your work with Tilinanu Orphanage. Zikomo kwambiri for changing many lives already and for the continue support you tirelessly give to many other families in Malawi.

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