IT and Vocational Training Centre

The Technical College-Investment into skills for the future

Tilinanu technical college is an institution that offers both technical and commercial tertiary education to youths and all individuals in order to give them a chance to sustain themselves in everyday life and also become reliable individuals to the community. 

Since its establishment in a year 2014, it started with humble beginnings few trainees in computer and tailoring for free and later with a demand from the community, it became one of the reliable centers for skills development.

So far it has graduated 210 students and is about to hosted a graduation in December 2016 of fifty students.

Based on student follow up strategy, it has been proven that 40 % of already graduates are employed in various companies and 15% are doing business according to their areas of expertise.

Due to rapid growth of the turnover of applicants and demands of extra courses a community is pressing on the institution, the school has decided to draw a plan for the coming academic year so that it has to put in place all the strategies and requirements to meet the demands and maintain its integrity on offering high class tertiary education.

Mission Statement

To provide vocational skills training and research services to youths and adults by

offering various programs and tailor-made courses, conducting skills- related

research for the augmentation of entrepreneurship for the socio-economic

development of the country.

Strategic objectives


  1. To equip youths and rural masses with vocational skills to become financially self-reliant and dependable citizens
  1. To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among Malawian youths and

         enhance employment creation

  1. To improve access to tertiary education among rural youths and adults


Reaching the goals of Tilinanu Technical College’s plans for 2017-2018 involves thecombination effort of the institution and the community in the following areas.

Excellency: We will thrive to give a quality tailor made tertiary education that cannot be compared with other institutions.

Student-centered:-Knowing that we exist for the sake of our students, we always find the best way of delivering quality education.

Community: We also believe that our community and other institutions have very useful information that if we can work together, we can create sustainable ways to reduce pervert that comes due to lack of employment among youths.


Strategic plans for 2017 academic year.


In order to make a vibrant academic plan for 2017 academic year, first we have to look on what we already have at the moment. So far the school offers computer studies and tailoring and fashion designing. And as of now we have 38 students in computer class and 12 students in Tailoring and designing class who are to graduate in December 2016.

We at Tilinanu technical college will continue to strive to deliver excellent up to date programs in order to make sure that our graduates have been equipped with skills and knowledge that will enable them to become reliable resources to the community.

Guiding principles:


Ensuring that our programs are relevant to the students based on both

local and international standards.

Providing students with all the access to the opportunities to high standard

skills that can enable them to be self-reliant and create job opportunities.

Ensuring an excellent learning environment

Ensuring that students understand their field of study and have multiple

opportunities to add value to their employers and their own enterprises.



Tilinanu technical college with its good relation to the community and students will keep on offering high quality education to both community and* Tilinanu Orphanage residents. Tilinanu technical college wants to train girls who have succeeded their secondary education in various courses so that they can access the tertiary education at a door step and their performance should be easily monitored. Our main goal is generate enough funds that will enable us to sustain the school and support the orphanage(Tilinanu Orphanage), and on the other hand, providing quality education to the community.

Guiding principles

Our programs and service plans will make effective and efficient use of resources

Lead in pursuit of high quality education and good learning environment

Dedication and focus among staff members to offer a second to none

learning environment.


Course structure for 2017-2018

Pertaining to the demand of the current and new courses, Tilinanu technical

college has set a feasible plan of offering the following courses;

(a) Technical courses

Carpentry and joinery

Tailoring and designing

Painting and decorating



(b) Commercial studies

Information technology

Rural and community development

Business management



Reason for the choice of the above listed courses

Tilinanu technical has chosen the listed courses based on our recent research on the marketability and risk assessment of offering the courses and materials required to offer the quality education.

1.1.5. Examination

In order to be one of the government recognized institution, Tilinanu technical college has been accredited with local examination boards i.e. Trade testing and TEVETA and also, the process of being registered with international examination boards is in the progress

1.1.6. Course duration.

All the technical courses will be run for three years (according to examinations boards),three terms per year. All the students in these trades will be undergoing a continuous assessment method.

2015 Update

In 2015 we will be extending the vocational centre in order to reach more of the community.

We will be installing solar panels to give reliable power to the centre so that we can set up the required infrastructure to integrate SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment) which we believe will have huge benefits for the community.

We are looking for donations of laptop computers and starting to raise the £10,000 that we will need to do this.

Can you help, do you have a laptop you could donate or skills that may be of help? Contact us today.

Do you want to make a donation to help make this happen? Visit our donations page.

2014 Update

In 2014, Tilinanu opened its vocational centre. Tilinanu orphanage now offers a high standard 8of computer training to members of the local community. Founded by Gift Mkadawire, charity co-founder, good friend, and the most inspirational man you could ever meet. Gift realised that even if somebody has passed their school examinations and made it through the Malawian education system, they would still have no computer skills, knowledge of the Internet, or even knowledge about the world beyond the village. How would people know to look for jobs which they don’t know exist? Jobs beyond the spheres of agriculture and manual labour usually require basic computer skills anyway.

Gift, put it to the team to open the computer training centre, with donated laptops from the UK. Thanks to the help of T In The Park and their support of LOVE SPECS the centre’s doors opened in September 2014 to 4 paying future scholars. Places are also offered as a scholarship to the girls of Tilinanu, or members of the community who show dedication but can not afford to pay for the course. The paying students enable the vocational centre to run sustainably.

By December, 2014, we were able to extend the courses on offer to train seamstresses. Using donated sewing machines from the UK, and from Butterfly Lodge, the first 4 places were given as scholarships to a group of women desperate for skills and work but who were unable to pay.