Tilinanu Vocational Centre

IT and Vocational Training

Tilinanu Vocational Centre was built by LSU to offer affordable higher education to the community where there was none. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our community, the centre has now expanded from 2 classrooms to 4! LSU aims for it to be fully sustainable by 2020 and generating income to help sustain Tilinanu Orphanage.

Now with official government certification, the centre offers the equivalent of an NVQ to 150 students studying carpentry, computing, tailoring, and engineering, all involving business training; the computer course includes business communication, graphic design and programming.

The Vocational Centre offers free scholarships to all the girls at Tilinanu Orphanage, and so far, 2 girls, on completing school, have taken up the tailoring courses. This is where bunting and Love Specs cases are produced, sold through the Love Specs shop!