Tilinanu Orphanage

'Tilinanu' - 'always with you'

Tilinanu Orphanage is the heart and soul of Love Support Unite, where it was born, its base, and the home of 34 girls. Tilinanu is a separate charity, funded through sponsorship and fundraising which is delivered by LSU at 0% cost. Tilinanu aims to help realise the full potential of the girls, by providing a safe and loving environment, and first class education, thanks to the sponsors.

Talk to us about sponsoring a girl at Tilinanu: sponsorship@lsufoundation.co.uk

LSU has purchased land for the Orphanage, which will help to make it self-sufficient, using sustainable farming to grow nutritious crops that will feed the 34 girls and generate revenue for living costs, so that sponsorship can be solely for school fees.

The site is also now home to the Tilinanu Vocational Centre, which offers free scholarships to all the girls and affordable education to the local community.

Where it began…

In 2007, Alice Pulford went on a teaching placement for 5 months and fell in love with Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city. Captured by the desperate need for effective aid, she returned the same year with some funds she had raised. This is when Alice was  introduced to Mercy and Benson Mkandawire, by their nephew Spiwe Zulu. Mercy had registered Tilinanu as a community based organsiation where, with a porridge fund, was serving around 400 children porridge from her backyard in Area 49.

Mercy’s vision was to build a safe place for the vulnerable girls to be loved and cared for - either orphans or children with parents unable to support them. Alice and Mercy began working together,  and very quickly the Mkandawires and Pulfords were intertwined and driven towards the same goal.

Over 3 weeks, Alice, her older sister Nina, their mother Yvonne, and some helping hands, set to work, and on Saturday 29th August 2009, Tilinanu Orphanage was opened. Alice and Nina went on to start Love Support Unite Foundation in 2014.

Sponsor a Child

Talk to us about sponsoring a Tili girl: sponsorship@lsufoundation.co.uk