Outlook and Dimensions Kickstart Businesses


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Look Out! Outlook and Dimensions Festivals, raised enough funds through Love Specs in 2015, for us at Love Support Unite Foundation, to kickstart 20 small businesses in Malawian communities.

Micro loans have developed a bad name in the developing world, they are sort of like the wonga-dot-coms of very small amounts of money. Many micro finance companies claim to be solving issues of poverty and revitalising local economies, whilst in reality are mainly creating debt and despair in places that are already down on their luck.

Not so with Love Support Unite! Our micro finance loans are entirely interest free, and we offer comprehensive mentoring to ensure that all of the people on our loan programme cannot get into debt, and start up businesses with sustainability and community in mind.

Running one’s own business is an important step towards self-reliance, and self-sustainability; if all of the businesses in a local area are geared towards helping the community, the land, and the future generations, then that local area is going to be prepared for an uncertain future by being united together.

Thanks to you, 20 families now have a business to support them and their children, to farm their own food, resist famine, and send their children to school.

So, Thank You, Outlook, and Thank You Dimensions!



Gift Mkandawire, LSU Director of Operations in Malawi, gives our entrepreneurs their loan.



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