Parklife Provides Famine Relief


Through the love shown to Love Specs, at Parklife Festival 2015, Love Support Unite have been able to begin an emergency famine relief programme in Malawi.

In Malawi, there are currently 2.8 million individuals facing a prolonged period of famine, this is due to major crop failures caused by several years of severe drought.

Malawi’s population relies heavily on a single harvest of maize per year, if the rains fail and the harvest is poor, then people go hungry before the next harvest. There are food reserves which support the population during times of famine, but with major climatic change causing several years of drought in a row, these reserves are running out.

Thanks to the funds raised at Parklife 2015, we at Love Support Unite have been able to start a programme providing a large mosquito net, blanket, 3 months of maize and beans to each family on the programme, to help them until the crops can be harvested.

Although our focus as an organisation is on the long term, sustainable plans for the future, currently there is no future without immediate short term action as famine has already hit. At the time of writing there are still 3 months of rainy season until the crops are ready to harvest.

There is no doubt that this is saving lives.

So, Thank You Parklife, and Big Thanks to the Parklife Crowd!


Food security is what keeps these little ones at school



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