Shambala Solar Shearing and Phone Charging


Thank You, Shambala! With the funds raised by Love Specs at Shambala 2015, we at Love Support Unite have been able to help to start up a solar powered barbershop and phone charging hub, at Mkunkhu School, near Lilongwe, in Malawi.

The wonderful Firefly Clean Energy power Shambala festival, and thanks to them, Mkunkhu School now is the proud owner of a solar panel array. All of the classrooms and teacher’s houses now have electric lights and 240v power sockets. The electricity supply at the school is now better and more reliable than the supply from the main grid, which is prone to power cuts and rolling blackouts.

Before the turning on of the solar array, the closest point with electricity to Mkunkhu School, was 10km away! With new technology, comes new business opportunity, and two of the services with the biggest demand were for hair cuts and phone charging.

Imagine a 10km walk every time you needed to charge your phone! Well, now for just 50 Malawian Kwacha (about 5 pence) you can charge your phone at Mkunkhu School, and all of the money goes towards the running of the school.

Not got a phone? Well, I bet you’ve got hair. In Malawi the predominant hair style, man or woman, is short. To have the Mkunkhu barbers expertly take their electric shears to your scalp will only set you back 150MKW!

The equipment, and the construction of the solar business hub was all made possible due to the funds raised by Love Specs at Shambala 2015.

So, Thank You Shambala, and Thank You all you Utopian Adventurers!


A barber takes a break outside Mkunkhu Barbershop



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