The Opening Of The School Kitchen in Malawi

‘With education, there can be nutrition, with nutrition there can be education’… Each year in Malawi the growing season starts with the long-awaited rains, this year following the climax of the 10-year drought cycle. Once the crops are planted,...
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#MalawiMonday-The Opening Of The School Kitchen Last Week and The Future Of Food In Malawi

The school kitchen has opened! Thanks to your help Mkunhku school is now feeding 450 children twice a week Nov – Jan through the hungry season. Sustainably! Which is such wonderful news. We have been working alongside the school community to harvest...
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#MalawiMonday, A Volunteer Experience- Part 2 (Not on a Monday)

We don’t need Monday’s to share some love with you #LovePixies, we don’t need Mondays to continue telling you about our journey on our most recent trip to Malawi. That’s why we are coming at you on a Wednesday of all days! So where...
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