Teachers teaching others to Teach in Malawi schools with Love Support Unite Foundation

By working with teachers, the Teach to Teach project aims to improve the standards of education delivered in schools. We work with the Ministry of Education to educate and help reduce poverty through an empowered workforce.

There are 4.6 million students in Malawi, but only 8% of students complete secondary school. Average school life expectancy is 11yrs old, with 92% of teenagers and adults missing out on an education.

Developed with Katy, Teach to Teach peer-training was piloted at Mkunkhu, where volunteer teachers developed subject knowledge and delivery by working alongside qualified teachers. Meanwhile, the teachers received training in recognising and catering to different learning abilities and styles. The 8 volunteer teachers hadn’t completed their basic education, so rather than continue peer-training, we decided to sponsor them to finish their education and go onto teacher training college. Excited to be returning to school, the volunteers have a second chance to achieve their dreams and become qualified teachers.

The Teach to Teach course has been approved by the Malawian government, and we can now deliver it to a wider network of teachers. In April 2017, workshops were given over five days to 35 headteachers from ten schools in the Mteza zone of the Lilongwe district. We were unsure how Malawian teachers would engage with the course… On day 1, we had around 40% engagement, which grew to around 85% on day 2, and 100% by day 3! During the workshop, a variety of learning theories and innovative teaching strategies were taught, relevant to teaching large class sizes with minimum resources.

Teach to Teach workshops are now based on the Malawian curriculum, to which we now have access, in combination with English teaching strategies. By 2018 the course will be extended  to two new zones, reaching 30 schools and 90 teachers.

  • £5 buys a set of textbooks
  • £2500 funds formal training for one unqualified teacher
  • £2500 funds a Teach to Teach course for 30 qualified teachers
  • £300 buys books for an entire school of 600 children

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