The Pipedream Projects


I knew what to expect; the children with flies in their eyes, the malnourished babies, the boney woman and the constant stream of death that was an outcome of various diseases.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Michela Bogen, founder of the Pipedream Projects wrote a touching blog on her experiences with the Love Support Unite Foundation in Malawi.

It’s grassroots, and a projection of how much good anyone can do, anywhere in the world. It’s not about the ‘pat on the back’, or the feeling of pride when you save someone’s life. It’s on-going, hands-on and to the point. They are always thinking of new directions, new ideas and new plans. It’s a process which is filled with challenge, tears, laughter and empowerment. And they make it clear that anyone can be a part of that.

Thanks for the kind words Michela, we love you xxxx

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