The Results on our Projects in Malawi this Quarter

We measure the results on our projects in Malawi monthly to ensure we’re on track.

Each quarter we measure the impact of our projects in Malawi and record the many ways that they increase life for those beneficiaries we support in Malawi.  This quarter we have had more good news as the harvest came in strong and we are now able to begin the expansion we have been working towards.

Here are some of the results this quarter.

Nurse at medical outreach in MalawiMedical Outreach: Our project in Malawi for medical outreach has now extended to 10 areas. Our help – along with many others – during the recent cholera outbreak helped lower the risk considerably and it is now low according to the District Health Office.

Numbers for vaccines are lower this month as many of the Health Surveillance assistants have been busy with mass distribution of cholera vaccine during April. Since we started supplementing the mobile clinics with the basic medical requirements like Malaria test kits, Paracetamol and gloves, things have really improved . No child is going back without being tested for malaria as we always have enough stock now. Those with fevers also benefit from the antipyretic provided which has made our relationship with the District Health Office stronger.

Mkunkhu School: Harvest is looking to meet previous expectations last month

Adult and child literacy Adult Literacy: We teach English and Chichewa at 5 centres as part of our projects in Malawi. Our new trained teachers are settling in. The motorbike that you all helped us buy is saving hours! LSU has been invited to an adult literacy day on a national level. We are seeing reduced child marriage and less violence. There are now more women than men attending and classes are brimming over with students with 127 in Songwe alone! Great uptake!

Mother and Infant Health: We now have 4 groups in operation in 4 areas, one new area this month as demand increased. Feeding programme has started again as cholera risk is low.

Winter is approaching so the need for blankets is high.

Harvest at Tilinanu in MalawiSustainable Farms

The harvest is in and it was a good one. Our girls orphanage has enough for a year’s food. We have assessed groups to join our sustainable farming initiative in September and will be expanding into a new farming region to allow us to recruit 30 new families this year. 

Jade volunteer at Love Support UniteTilinanu

Jade, our amazing volunteer has, sadly, left. She was with us in Malawi for six months and in that time was deeply appreciated and much loved by all.  Instrumental in introducing some of our beneficiaries to the game of Netball and building a court too, Jade was incredibly involved in our projects and really help enable our projects expansion.

We have 4 new girls at Tilinanu Orphanage and they have settled in well.  One of our girls has been selected to attend Govt Nhanenya Boarding School as she has been performing so well at her studies!  We are very proud of the progress they have all made this year.

Tilinanu Farm

The yield is still looking good and we think we have 98% germination rate on new crops for the forthcoming year. The Groundnuts from the recent harvest are looking good and will really help the overall diet of those living at Tilinanu.

Each quarter we see a marked increase in our statistics but, better than that we see the results in our beneficiaries faces.  Although we manage the projects, it is you who make this all possible with your continued generosity and love.

Thank you. We couldn’t do it without YOU!

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