Become a Volunteer Ambassador

When you volunteer with Love Support Unite Foundation, you become part of our volunteering and charity family. We will share life changing experiences together and we want to stay in touch. We have created the Volunteer Ambassador Scheme to help keep a strong connection with our volunteers. Without you, we could not do much of the valuable work in Malawi.

Becoming a Volunteer Ambassador means that you will help to inspire others to join us in our volunteer programmes and help spread information about our projects and work. Your support so far has been incredible and we want to make sure we can continue to work together in the future.

What does a Volunteer Ambassador do?

Your involvement is up to you but of course we would love for you to get involved as much as you can. The role is varied and can include;

  • Staying in touch with us and sharing our posts on social media channels.
  • Helping to promote our events.
  • Continuing to fundraise for us.
  • Writing blogs or stories for us online or in your local press.
  • Networking for opportunities to promote us and our volunteer program.
  • Mentoring new volunteers via email to answer questions about your volunteering experiences.
  • Presenting at any local events where we may have a presence such as a university fair or conference.
  • Coming to one of our volunteer open days.

The more you get involved, the more impact your volunteering journey will have. We will also be able to provide you with a testimonial about our experience working with you as volunteer which may be useful for future employment or applications.

We can support you in your role by providing you with resources to help you fundraise and give talks/presentations on the charity.

We want to thank you

If you have taken on the role of a volunteer ambassador, we want to say thank you for your help. Volunteer Ambassadors may be entitled to a discretionary discount on future volunteer trips with us.