would you walk 47 miles for Love?

We're challenging you to come and walk 47 miles with us on the 19th and 20th May 2018 to help raise funds to change lives in Malawi. The beauty of the South Downs Way will invigorate and inspire you and others to walk for love.

Empower communities in Malawi and lift people out of poverty this May.


What are we raising funds for?

We want to raise funds to support our FAMILY FUTURES FARMING project to give families the opportunity to become food secure for life and create funds to pay for education and healthcare. Families are given an interest fee loan from LSU as well as all the support and knowledge needed to grow food for their family. Excess maize grown is sold at markets and the additional funds help on education & healthcare.


Getting Started


To reserve your place there is a £20 registration fee and we ask that you raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. Fill out the form below and Zahra will contact you with more details. Or if you prefer you can email Zahra directly at zahra@lsufoundation.co.uk




It will be your responsibility to book your own accommodation. We are staying at The Cavendish (address below) which is a short walk from the station we finish at on the first day. You are welcome to book other accommodation but if you do so you'll need to arrange your own transport from the station to your hotel.

The Cavendish Hotel,
38 Grand Parade
BN21 4DH



You can download a paper sponsorship form here great for passing around at work or school.

Or if you prefer to fundraise online then we like Givey as they charge us no fees to collect donations. You can sign up to create a fundraising page here, be sure to choose "Love Support Unite" to fundraise for.


Saturday 19th May

  • - Meet at 9:00am Saturday morning
  • - We will be meeting at Lewes Railway Station, Station Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2UP
  • - Remember to bring all essentials with you and all necessary items for an overnight stay.

Saturday 19th May
Time dependant on walk

  • - We shall then walk to Eastbourne station which is approximately 23.5 miles.
  • - There is an option to have a meal collectively as a group that evening if you would like to.
  • - Stay overnight in Eastbourne, we are staying at the Cavendish Hotel. If you book other accommodation then you will need to get yourself there from the station.

Sunday 20th May

  • - Leave from Eastbourne Station at 9:00am and start the trek back to Lewes Railway Station
  • - Remember to take all essentials with you & to stock up on drinks and snacks for the walk.

Sunday 20th May
Time dependant on walk

  • - Arrive back at Lewes Station completing a further 23.5 miles and thus completing your "Walk the Width of Lake Malawi"
  • - Pat yourself on the back for completing this fantastic trek and be sure to rest up while feeling abundantly accomplished!!

You will need to provide your own snacks, drinks and meals or bring enough money to cover these costs.

You will also need to book and pay for your own accommodation and transport costs if necessary.


Before the walk

  1. Walkers may have as many sponsors as they can find.
  2. Donation forms should be filled out clearly and legibly. You may also create Givey or Just Giving pages for your walk (we prefer Givey as the fees are lower!).
  3. Each individual taking part in the walk will need to book their own accommodation as the walk will take place over 48 hours.
  4. Snacks, drinks and meals will not be provided, you will either have to bring your own or purchase along the route.
  5. Make and keep a copy of the Charity Walk form for yourself.
  6. We recommend flat donations.
  7. Donations should be collected prior the the walk so that funds may be submitted.

Tips and Hints

  1. Walking is warm business after the first couple of miles so don't overdress.
  2. Carry enough money for phone calls, bus fare and meals.
  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes and a thick pair of socks.
  4. Make sure you have booked your accommodation.
  5. Dress for the weather. The walk will go on, rain or shine. Bring only items that can be easily carried (i.e. sunglasses, lotion).
  6. Walk at a rate that is best for you to conserve energy.
  7. Skates, roller blades, scooters / razors, bicycles, skateboards etc should not be used due to increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic.