Our Partners

At Love Support Unite we believe that together we are more. We believe in working with other charities and companies, ensuring our skills and funds help create the biggest impact possible.

We work with some incredible charities doing big things. We share resources and training to other charities to ensure the biggest impact possible and participate in any training they offer us so we can pass on knowledge to our communities to ensure that we are delivering the most up to date knowledge to the people we work with. We collaborate on the building of much-needed infrastructure such as school blocks and teacher’s housing when we are working in the same communities. We believe together we can have a greater impact. No matter what organisation you work under, our duty is to do the best we can with the resources we have.

We keep admin costs to a minimum enabling us to concentrate our funding on changing lives. This is only possible with the help of amazing companies who help us in many different ways such as free printing and film production. The generosity of our partners enables us to plan the development of our projects.

Links to some of the special people we work with are below. If you think you are able to provide a service, advice or guidance please get in touch. 

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